Jum, Jan

THE BARISAN NASIONAL is out to overturn the hype, mainly created by the media, that Anwar Ibrahim is invincible. It intends to give the PKR candidate in the upcoming Kajang by-election a beating the nation will not forget. With a rejuvenated MCA and the renewed commitment by Umno and their allies, the national front is high on enthusiasm and motivation to trounce Anwar and his dream of becoming Selangor Mentri Besar. Anwar had already soiled the state seat by getting incumbent Lee Chin Cheh to step down as assemblyman. But that does not mean the Barisan has to play along with the opposition’s dirty means to win the seat in the March 23 poll. At the moment, Anwar’s camp has not shown any interest in the independents that may join the contest and regard the race as essentially between the PKR and the Barisan. Anwar’s campaigners are targeting Barisan candidate Chew Mei Fun; saying she is not bright enough to be the people’s representative in the Selangor assembly. They say she is good only at going down to the ground to look at drains, cockroach-infested rubbish and mosquito breeding grounds. Thus, they have come out with the label MP longkang for the former Petaling Jaya