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'I have no regrets slapping David Teo'

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KUALA LUMPUR - "I don't think what I did was too extreme. It was done to teach him some manners."

That was the frank admission by actor/comedian Sulaiman Yassin, over him slapping film director David Teo during a National Transformation 2050 (TN50) event in front of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at Seri Perdana, last night, reported Harian Metro.

"I don't think it was extreme as it was to teach him some 'adab' (manners) especially when in front of a leader who is also the host of the event.

"I have no regrets as David's attitude was disrespectful towards the prime minister and (Datuk) Rosyam Nor as the moderator. As a Malaysian, we should by right have manners and respect," said Sulaiman, also known as Mat Over.

The incident was sparked when Teo appeared to question the manner in which Rosyam handled the session, and claimed that Rosyam was not giving an equal chance for everyone to voice their views.

The programme, aired live on Facebook, saw Rosyam chide Teo, who was deemed as being disrespectful towards the prime minister.

Rosyam then gave way to Teo to air his thoughts, and the film director began to recite a poem.

However, before Teo could finish, Sulaiman appeared on the scene and slapped Teo.

The spontaneous incident was immediately brought under control by the security team, and both men were escorted out of the venue.

The video of the incident subsequently went viral.

Najib and Rosyam continued the dialogue session, which proceeded smoothly. Teo and Sulaiman were later brought in, where they shook hands and embraced in front of Najib.

Meanwhile, Teo said he did not expect Sulaiman to react in such a manner as he did not even know the comedian personally.

"He suddenly rushed at me and slapped me. I was only asking about Rosyam not using the round stage fully and him focusing only on the audience in front, whereas I also wanted to ask the prime minister some questions."

Teo said he would not be taking legal action and considered the matter closed.