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Buffalo Meat, Beef In Market Safe For Consumption - Tajuddin

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TELUK INTAN - Consumers need not fear or panic as buffalo meat and beef sold in markets throughout the country are safe for consumption said Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman.

He said the ministry had taken steps to control HS or Haemorrhagic Septicemia from spreading despite an outbreak in Terengganu since last month, through assistance from the Terengganu Veterinary Services Department (JPV) to vaccinate both types of farm animals.

However, he said to date there is no detailed information from the Terengganu JPV on the action taken to ensure the adequate supply of beef.

"We can not anticipate a certain disease or disaster as it can happen at anytime. For example the bird flu (H5N1) attack on chicken in Kelantan recently was successfully contained," he told reporters after a ministry zakat presentation and breaking of fast here today.

Yesterday, Terengganu JPV Health Division head Dr Wan A''aidah Wan Hashim said every day, three or four teams would be vaccinating between 300 to 400 cattle and buffaloes located in a five-kilometre radius from the location of the disease outbreak which began on May 26 when 261 cattle and buffaloes were reported dead by 12 breeders in Marang and in Kuala Nerus, 201 cattle and 60 buffaloes were found dead.