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Macva: Non-Malays Also Battled Communists


PETALING JAYA - It is disrespectful to suggest that non-Malays were not part of the struggle against communists in the country, said an army veteran group.

Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association (Macva) president Major (Rtd) Tan Pau Son said non-Malays had risked their lives to protect the country from threats during the emergency.

“We served and risked our lives. When you are in the jungle, the (communists’) booby traps do not distinguish between Chinese, Malay, Indian, Iban or Caucasian legs. When it explodes, it explodes. Many of my friends died,” he said here yesterday.

Tan was commenting on Ummah president Ismail Mina Ahmad’s earlier remarks that only Malays were part of the resistance against the communist insurgency.

He said when Macva was formed a few years ago, it received applications from about 1,000 Chinese armed forces veterans within a short span of time.

“This number only accounts for those still alive. What about those who have passed away?” said the Royal Military College graduate.

“We (veterans) are very hurt by his remarks,” he said.

Macva, said Tan, would step up efforts in disseminating information about the veterans who served during the insurgency.

Former communist buster Deputy Supt (Rtd) Kamaruddin Hashim also took offence to Ismail’s remarks describing is as “possibly made for political mileage”.

“I was a member of the F-Team. We did not care about race or religion.

“My squad mates were my brothers. We did everything together. We were a family,” he said during the Police Retirees Assembly at Putra World Trade Centre yesterday.

The remarks, he added, were very misleading.

DSP (Rtd) Kamaruddin was part of the E3F squad under the Special Branch, notoriously known as the F-Team.

The team specialised in jungle warfare and undercover work to capture or neutralise members of the communist party as well as dismantle the underground network.

DSP (Rtd) Kamaruddin was among members of the E3F squad who received the national hero award from the Prime Minister yesterday.


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