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MAPUTO : The American amateur investigator who found suspected debris from missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 told AFP on Thursday that experts must be "cautious" about identifying the piece washed up off Mozambique.

Blaine Gibson, a lawyer from Seattle who has dedicated himself to solving the mystery of the plane's disappearance, explained how he discovered the fragment on a sandbank near the tourist island of Benguerra.

"I was just travelling as a tourist but I have a personal interest to look for debris and find people who may know something (about the fate of MH370)," he told AFP before flying from Maputo to Malaysia.

"It is now in very good hands, and Mr de Abreu (the head of Mozambique's Civil Aviation Institute) is absolutely right to be cautious because there are three planes that crashed in the area.

"We don't know what it is, which plane it is from. It needs to go to Australia to be inspected. I'm very happy I made this discovery, that it happened."

Gibson said he did not think there was any more debris where he found the piece earlier this week.

He told CNN that he was fascinated by the MH370 case, and had paid for his own travel to Malaysia and the Maldives

LOS ANGELES : At least three people were killed and up to 20 wounded Thursday when a gunman opened fire at a lawn mower factory in a small Kansas town, the sheriff said.

The gunman, described as an employee at the factory in the town of Hesston, was killed by the authorities, Sheriff T. Walton said.


KABUL : NATO advisers want Afghan soldiers to spend less time manning checkpoints and more taking the fight to Taliban militants, a key tactical shift the coalition hopes will enable local forces to quell a rising insurgency.

With NATO's combat mission officially over, and only a few thousand foreign troops left, the onus has fallen on the Afghan army and police to impose stability, and the military alliance is looking for ways to use those resources more effectively.

Reducing reliance on

JERUSALEM : Israeli prosecutors on Thursday charged a 76-year-old Tel Aviv man with killing his wife after she disturbed him when he was watching tennis on television.

A copy of the charge sheet obtained by AFP said that Maurice Biniashvilli bludgeoned to death his wife Malcha after she prevented him seeing decisive moments in the Australian Open championship on January 31.

It did not give her age but said the couple had been married since 1955.

"As the accused tensely watched the tennis

ISTANBUL : A Turkish schoolgirl committed suicide after allegedly being sexually assaulted by one of her teachers, reports said Monday, raising new concerns about crimes against women in the country. 

The 18-year-old, identified as Cansel Buse K., tried to take her own life last week by shooting herself in the head with the service weapon belonging to her father, a policeman, the Dogan news agency reported. 

After finding her badly wounded in a pool of blood, the emergency services took her

SAYYIDA ZEINAB : A string of suicide bombings near a Shiite shrine outside Syria's capital and in Homs claimed by jihadists killed at least 142 people Sunday, as Washington and Moscow worked to secure a ceasefire.

The Islamic State group said it was behind the carnage.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said a provisional deal had been reached on the terms of a truce in Syria's brutal five-year conflict, only for the bloodshed to intensify on the ground.

Near Damascus, a car bombing followed

NEW DELHI : A court has served a Hindu god with a summons for illegally encroaching on government land in eastern India after a roadside temple was built in his honour, officials said Thursday.

Photos in local media showed the summons, addressed to Lord Hanuman, pasted on an idol of the monkey god, worshipped for his courage and strength, at the temple in Bihar state.

"The summons was issued after the public works department filed a case against the temple for encroaching on the road," a

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