Kha, Mei

Why DAP & PKR oppose PPBM swallowing Umno



Raja Petra Kamarudin

It is called a reverse takeover. That is when a small entity swallows a bigger entity. And this is very common in the corporate world.

So, when PPBM swallows Umno, it will be 13 seats swallowing 40 seats. And that means PPBM will become Umno.

Umno will not die. Umno will re-emerge as PPBM. And hence you no longer need to go through the almost impossible task of re-inventing Umno. Umno will die and will be reborn as PPBM.

PPBM will swallow Umno in a reverse-takeover

It is almost a done-deal. Umno has been reduced from 54 to 48 and soon to less than ten. PPBM has grown from 13 to now 14 and soon to 54. Umno started as 54 and PBBM will end up as 54.

Wounding or killing Umno has always been Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s game-plan in achieving his end-game.

He killed Umno in 1988, formed Umno Baru, and ‘created’ Semangat 46. He wounded Umno in 1998 and ‘created’ Parti Keadilan Nasional (now PKR). He wounded Umno in 2008 and ‘created’ Pakatan Rakyat. He wounded Umno in 2018 and now needs to kill it off totally and create something new.

And that something new will be Umno Baru Lagi Baru called PPBM.

Anwar Ibrahim can see, if PPBM swallows Umno, he may not become the next Malaysian Prime Minister

It may actually not be such a bad thing if Umno is deregistered. And the Registrar of Societies (RoS) has enough grounds to deregister Umno. In fact, the RoS even has enough grounds to deregister PKR if they want to. Hence both Umno and PKR can be put to sleep and everyone (Malays, that is) join PPBM.

Of course, Mahathir will not allow everyone to join PPBM (just like he did not allow everyone to join Umno Baru — which was why they were forced to form Semangat 46). He will not accept people like Najib Tun Razak, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Annuar Musa, Khairy Jamaluddin, and so on. Other than those half-a-dozen or so, all the rest are welcome in PPBM.

Umno Baru swallowed Umno ‘Lama’ but Mahathir’s enemies such as Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah were barred from the party

Watch November. November is going to be the month when it all happens if anything is going to happen.

In November, America was ‘born’ when the Mayflower arrived in Cape Cod. In November, WWI ended. In November, the Red Guards seized the Winter Palace and proclaimed Lenin as the Russian leader. In November, Guy Fawkes was arrested when he tried to blow up the British Parliament building. And in November, also, Umno will be back in the government under the cloak of PPBM.

That is why DAP and PKR are not happy that 40 or so Umno MPs are going to cross over to PPBM. PPBM will swallow Umno but it will be a reverse take-over. And with PAS, and the new Sabah coalition, and the new Sarawak coalition, all working with Mahathir, Malaysia will revert to a one-party system like how it used to be in the good old days before the Umno internal squabbles of 1986-1988, 1996-1998, 2006-2008 and 2016-2018.