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By:  M. Perry

We were informed that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Malaysia recorded a growth of 5.2% and 6.3 % for the first half of 2014. Some are happy about this growth but there are some who argue that what has the GDP growth has to do with my quality of living?

A growth in GDP evidently shows that Malaysia is on the right track in managing the economy to provide an improved and a better quality of life to all Malaysians.

Generally speaking, GDP is about how the economy of a country perform. GDP is measured by taking into account the expenditure, type of economic activity and income of a country.

Expenditure refers to consumption, investment, government spending and net exports. While, Consumption refers to what people spend their money on- food, petrol, , services such as dressing, visits to doctor, making calls, whatsapp, and so on. More consumption means more money is circulating in the economy.

Investment linked to investments by local and foreign investments which creates job opportunities for Malaysians. Government spending refers to investments to provide a better facilities for people .

Yet there are some who argue that the Malaysian GDP grows but their

By: M. Perry

The Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 (GCR) by the Geneva based World Economic Forum (WEF) ranks Malaysia 11th out of 144 countries worldwide for the quality of Malaysian transport infrastructure. This is an 3rd party validation and acknowledgment to prove how much Malaysia have improved in providing transport infrastructure.

Lately , we could enjoy a better and fast public transportation in Malaysia as found in many developed countries. We find more and better quality

The past few years have seen pundits fretting over the future of the dollar, but it’s place has never been more secure.

Don’t look now, but the U.S. dollar is on a tear. Here’s Geoffrey Smith with the details:

The U.S. Dollar Index, which measures the buck against six major western currencies but not against emerging market currencies such as China’s yuan, has risen 7.1% in the third quarter, its biggest quarterly rise since the 2008 market panic . . . the world’s premier reserve currency is

The sad truth is we Malaysians are addicted to our subsidies. The laundry list of items and services that are subsidised is long – ranging from our daily food items, transport, medical and education. However, we can’t continue with these subsidies indefinitely not only are they unsustainable but also just bad fiscal management of our country’s wealth.

Fuel is one of the biggest subsidies in our country. In 2013, the cost of petrol and gas subsidies in Malaysia were estimated to be around RM45 –

It would be grossly unfair to accuse the Government of not tackling the depreciation of Ringgit.

In his SPECIAL ADDRESS ON CURRENT DEVELOPMENTS AND GOVERNMENT’S FINANCIAL POSITION on 20th January 2015, the PM stated that in relation to the Ringgit, "we must closely monitor the following: First, the current account in the balance of payments must remain in surplus. Second, continue with fiscal reforms and consolidation and Third, economic activity must be further diversified to enable us to

KUALA LUMPUR, March 20 (Bernama) -- The ringgit opened lower against the US dollar today on lack of demand for the local note as investors remained bullish on the greenback. At 9 am, the local note was quoted at 3.7125/7155 to the US dollar from Thursday's 3.7030/0080.

Meanwhile, the ringgit traded mostly lower against other major currencies. It depreciated to 2.6747/6788 versus the Singapore dollar from 2.6719/6769 on Thursday and eased to 3.0758/0788 against the yen from 3.0674/0728

mosques20 THE BIG national debate has returned: Is Malaysia an Islamic country or a secular state? The Muslim majority of the country’s 30 million people would probably say it is an Islamic nation while the 40 per cent that make up the non-Muslim population would insist it to be secular. There was a time when it did not matter because religious and racial issues were strictly avoided in public discussions and discourse between people of different faiths. And, because of this, there was no discord

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