Ahd, Okt

Proposed Batang Lupar Bridge - Probably The Longest In Malaysia


Federal governments will build a bridge to serve as a gateway to the vast coastline in Sarawak in a joint venture project.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said he had proposed to Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem to work with the state government in building the bridge in Batang Lupar in Sri Aman to open up links to the coastal area.

“Imagine if we can accomplish this, it will open up more opportunities in the coastal areas across the state,” he said in a meet-the-people session at the Dewan Suarah field here. On the the 11th State General Election (PRN) this year, Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib said the construction of the Batang Lupar bridge in Sri Aman would be made part of BN's pledge.

"It will be a manifesto of Sarawak BN to be implemented," he said.

"The financing is done jointly by the federal government and state government, with the federal government contributing 50 per cent and state government, 50 per cent," he said, adding the cost of the project had yet to be determined.

He said the Batang Lupar bridge project was set to boost the economy of villages along the coast of Sarawak.

"We have big plans for Sarawak, not just political rhetorics, we have delivered and (will) continue to deliver," he said when referring to the RM16 billion Pan Borneo Highway project which was being implemented.

He also gave his assurance that dilapidated schools in the interior of Sarawak would be repaired besides giving his commitment to enter the pledge in the BN manifesto.

When referred to the Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Haji Yusof said :-

1) Jambatan Batang Lupar is situated along Sarawak Coastal Road linking the coastal towns from Kuching/Samarahan Divisions to Triso, Betong Division; thereafter all the way to Miri. It is the second trunk road in Sarawak. If use coastal road from Kuching to Triso, Betong is less than 100 km as compared to 240km along First Trunk Road to Pusa/Triso.

2) At present people can use First Trunk Road (Jalan Pan Borneo) and Sarawak Coastal Road but need to use a few ferry crossings on the coastal road.

3) It is linking coastal towns like Sebuyau in Samarahan to Triso; Maludam; Pusa; Kabong in Betong Division, thereafter to Selalang; Tanjung Manis; Matu Daro; Igan; Mukah; Balingian in Mukah Division then to Bintulu and Miri.

4) The length of the bridge is approximately 5 km; and the cost may cost approximately RM800 million.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem said the state government agreed with the suggestion of the federal government to jointly build the Batang Lupar bridge which would become the longest in Malaysia upon completion.

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