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Assassins Involved In Six Murder Cases Shot Dead By Police


Police have solved six murder cases including one attempted murder after the men in blue gunned down two hired assassins early today (Feb 21) in a deadly shootout following a car chase.

In a press conference, State CID chief SAC Dev Kumar confirmed the case, saying the police were identifying the employer of the assassins.

He said the shooters travelled in a vehicle or motorcycle to victimise their targets.

One of the two who were shot dead was identified as Joshua Beti Chong, 44, from Sri Aman. He was arrested four times for involvement in murder and possessing illegal weapons and jailed in 2012.

The other was Awie Ningan, 36, from Seratok. He did not have a criminal record.

Both men were jobless and had families.

Dev Kumar added that all the murder victims hailed from Sibu.

Upon receiving a tip-off on Saturday, two police teams were deployed in Sarikei to trace a white Nissan Navara vehicle which was seen during the murder in January at Long Bridge Road.

They stumbled upon the vehicle with two men inside when patrolling along the JKD Road on the way to Sibu at 1.30am earlier today.

Sensing the presence of the police, the 4WD sped off towards the Sibu-Bintulu Road, triggering the pursuit.

The suspects rammed into a police vehicle in an attempt to escape, causing them to skid and lose control instead.

Police alighted from their vehicles to inspect the crashed 4WD, only to be met with a gunshot fired from within.

Police were forced to return fire, killing both suspects who were still strapped in the driver and front passenger seats.

A shotgun was found near the driver’s seat.

According to the police, the vehicle had false license plates.

They are currently looking for the owner of the 4WD.

The state CID chief revealed that the suspects were involved in six murders and one murder attempt since 2012.

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