Kha, Mei

Reform Yourself First - Speaker Dewan


The Opposition should form a shadow Cabinet to save time and do its part in instituting parliamentary reform, Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia said yesterday.

He said the current method employed by the Opposition pact had led to a messy session where different MPs asked the same questions over and over again, consuming too much time and taking away opportunities for others to put forward their queries.

“Why do you have to insist on reforms for other people? Reform yourself first. That’s part of democracy,” he said at a press conference at Parliament here today. Pandikar noted that in the United Kingdom’s House of Commons, the prime minister was only allowed 30 minutes to speak on an issue.

But in Malaysia, some lawmakers could talk for six hours, he said, citing former Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim as an example.

“If you really want to save time, why don’t you form a shadow Cabinet? This way, you can have a specific shadow minister posing questions on related matters.

“You can pose questions on finance to the shadow finance minister, questions on education to the shadow education minister. Why can’t you do that?”

But really, this is what our Opposition has come to. Squabbling over small details like children when the ruling government is at it’s most vulnerable? This only deepens the impression that Pakatan Harapan was dead on delivery.

So much has been said about the Malaysian opposition like a bunch of junior schoolboys. They are mere "barking dogs" but has not been resolved in important issues. Some are contradicting, some are just spitting innuendos. The speaker was right to say about them and hoping from that thereon, the opposition will show some good and constructive criticism full of homework done and of quality and utmost decorum.

Out of the parliament, they turn ugly into a pathological liar. It has simply become a way of life for these bunch of morons, to make up things for a variety of reasons and eventually, the truth becomes uncomfortable while weaving whoppers feels right to them.

Unlike telling a few fibs here and there, or slightly exaggerating the truth once in a while, the pathological liar lies about literally every aspect of his or her life.

The pathological liar feels that every bit of communication has strategic meaning positioned for his or her gain. Being lied to on a consistent basis is not only frustrating but also disrespectful to the other person.

This has become a nuisance to our political climate where politicians on the opposite side has resort to this way of surviving in their pursuit to misled the rakyat and eventually grabbing power for their own gains. We have seen that happened in the past and we are going to see that goings to happen again in their final bid to unseat the present government.

The opposition has a lot of work to do to calibrate thenselves before pursuing a grand agenda to become a formidable force next general election to topple the government and that starts with putting things straight in the coalition itself. The downfall of the old Pakatan came because communications broke down between parties, and the same is going to happening again with the new Pakatan with their new found de facto opposition leader Tun Mahathir now romancing the grand old fart, Lim Kit Siang.