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Malaysia Getting Popular As Baby Girl Name In US


PETALING JAYA : Malaysia is gaining popularity in the United States as a name, with more American parents choosing to name their baby girl after the country.  

According to the US social security website, the name Malaysia has jumped 80 spots to the 399th place in the rankings for the most popular female name in 2014.  

A total of 810 baby girls were named Malaysia in 2014, which represents 0.042% of the total female births in 2014.  

The name Malaysia was ranked 479 in 2013 with 632 girls registered under the name.   

In 2012, 512 girls were named Malaysia with the ranking of 570. The name was ranked 965 in 2011, with 265 girls being named after the country.  

Even Malaya proved to be a popular name for girls, with 446 girls being registered under the name in 2014, and ranked 636.  

Other popular country names in the US include Jordan, Israel, Georgia, Kenya, Chad, America, Holland and Ireland.