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It Is Just A Straight Forward Joke Without Malicious Intent or Disrespect - Idris Buang


We in Parti PBB Sarawak would like to refer to the numerous social media comments with regard to Adenan's "tongue-in-cheek" jokes which he made to the light-hearted PM Najib before an equally light-hearted "open-minded" large audience comprised of all races. He merely and plainly jested (not seriously cajoled) PM "to take an Iban wife " if he were to learn with some fluence the Iban language.

He made this plain and clear jest when referring to Najib's frequent visits to Sarawak announcing many grants for developments, seemingly as an acknowledgement of that fact.

We are humbly appealing for the invocation of good sense of humility which the Ibans community are renowned of making it one of the peace-loving and friendliest people in the world.

We hope that they will take that as a straight-forward joke and nothing cynical ever. That remark was made in an atmosphere of the best of moods in presence of various ethnic races including many Iban women.

I have known YAB CM Adenan for many years and it was known to many that he loved to crack jokes as part of his speech , and he often did it "off the cuff" without any negative intention. Adenan has been respectful in many occasion to all presence of various ethnicity and in most part he dwelt in the Iban language apart from English and Bahasa Melayu Sarawak as one of his ways of paying tribute to the Iban community and acknowledging their participation in the country's growth.

The call from Persatuan Dayak Sarawak ( PEDAS ) to seek Adenan's apology for insulting their women folks should not arise at all. They should not single out the remarks out of context and viciously angled it as a sniping shot at Adenan. They have to bare all for the world to see of Adenan's being known to be humorous yet respectful to people. They obviously craftily carved this harmless jokes to suit their purpose, not that of the rakyat.

Since taking office 2 years ago, Adenan had made many policies, initiatives and actions to enhance the livelihood of Sarawakians particularly our rural populace. Is is quite evident that the core of of his policies is to focus on more transformative developments to bring about fast changes in the rural outbacks to be equally meaningful with those already developed in the cities and towns.

PEDAS known to be backed by an opposition party, should show open-mindedness and be more "magnanimous" instead of trying to throw a damper on the people's mind and instead indulge in a feeling of displeasure towards something which should not be made an issue.

We believe PEDAS should not be irresponsible in the manner that they did to sensationalise what was meant to be just a joke into political issue. Are they desperate of issues?

Adenan, whose popularity has increased since taking over the chief ministership, also appears confident and ready to lead BN into the state polls, the first time for him. This phenomena has naturally agitated the opposition in view of no major issues at hand. PEDAS has taken the joke out-of-proportion and this is a clear example of over politicking.

They hoped to be able stifle the rise of the good image of our YAB CM and they tried to score political mileage along the way.

Adenan's ability to keep Sarawak’s diverse peoples united, regardless of their ethnic origins, religious beliefs and other differences, had been key to his finding overwhelming support by and large.

Let me put it this way ...where was PEDAS where our brother Sdr Watson Nyambek needed all the help to solve his financial predicament? Is highlighting Watson's needs more pertinent and important rather than having to steer public emotions , such as in this case, just hoping to score some political points? -DIB PBB

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