Ahd, Okt

DAP Wishes Us Happy April Fool's Day With 10% GST For Everyone


DAP celebrates April Fool's Day by propagating that GST will be up by 4% soon! DAP has once again pressed the panic button to warn Sarawakians that if BN wins the state election, the GST will be increased to 10% at the very least! This is being released on Malaysiakini soon after Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan's announcement that the State Assembly will be dissolved on the 11th April 2016. 

"Such lies intending to create market panic and to fear monger among the public are among some usual tactics undertaken by DAP as they are never responsible for their words," said SUPP President Dr Sim.

Sarawak CM has announced in May 2015 that Sarawak will absorb the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for local government services in the state. "When Tan Sri Adenan has the people's mandate to govern the state, all these tax relief measures will help ease the burden of our people; and this will also send a strong message to the Federal Government that there is a need to review the GST rates and its current zero rated product list;" added Dr Sim.

"Even our kolok mee has been zero rated during the recent recalibration of the 2016 budget, and the government has clarified that there are no plans to increase the current 6% GST," said SUPP.

Baseless statements from DAP and their David Copperfield advisors  are nothing new. We had all sorts of creative spin from the opposition parties all these while. From 40k Bangla voters voting at the 13th General Election, to mongering rumors that Malaysia is going bankrupt, to power cut at counting centers are among some blatant lies that we have seen coming from parties like DAP. 

We remember that the then Pakatan Rakyat including DAP were opposing the GST implementation but somehow PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, in a media conference at Parliament on Oct 31, 2013 and as the Opposition leader, said Pakatan would also implement GST if it were to rule the country. "Has DAP forgotten about what their leader Anwar Ibrahim has told us? Stop confusing the people and stop lying !" urged SUPP.

"DAP has no intention to serve us because DAP is a party from Semenanjung. They are not us they are not from here they don't have a heart for us. DAP is just using their usual Semenanjung tactic to fish for votes here and that's all they are after. They only want votes but they don't have our interests at heart because they are not a Sarawak party." 

" Show the people what you ( DAP) has done in the past 5 years. What have you contributed to your constituents? Talk is cheap, lying is cheaper," said SUPP.

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