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Nothing Is Going To Change, Says Voon Lee Shan, A DAP Member & Former ADUNBatu Lintang


DEMOCRATIC Action party (DAP) Voon Lee Shan said the slogan “Ubah” (change) should not be used again in this State election as it was already used in the last State election. Voon who was once DAP strong man and a former State Assemblyman for Batu Lintang is now keeping a low profile where politics is concerned.

The Ubah, he said in a statement, was adopted from President of America, Obama and was in some way successful in the last election when it was used. 

“But why use the same slogan when they were unable to make any change in government. 

They can shout until the sky fall down the word “Ubah” but nothing is going to change,” he added as quoted by SUPP News.

First, he said, you cannot even contest in the 82 seats so how are you going to change the government?

“To add salt to injury, you even quarrel among yourselves over seat allocation. Even the basic of things could not be achieve like working in unity, so how could people put their trust in the Opposition?,” he said.

Voon who has a fallout with the leaders in DAP, said although he is still a member, he was not invited to any political event as there are top leaders who did not like him. He said there are leaders who feared him to be too popular thus he was in one way or another put to cold storage.

“I am not complaining though as I can concentrate on my legal firm,” he said.

Stating that there were many great leaders in the past, many opted out or were kicked out.

On the land issue, Voon pointed out that during the White Raja’s time, government land was alienated to our forefathers to develop. 

The same, he said, is happening now and the government is not stupid to hand over the land over just like that. “There are conditions attached and the land is developed to build houses, shops, religious houses. Before the government did that, they have to ensure that the persons who were sold the land at a cheap price could develop, otherwise, we would still remain backward,” he added.

On the Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem’s rule at the helm, Voon said the Chief Minister is making a lot of good changes for the people. “ he is very protective of Sarawak’s rights,” he added.