Ahd, Okt

Putrajaya Should Not Take It Lightly On The Election Promises


Putrajaya should take the election pledges made by federal ministers seriously and not assume Sarawak would always be BN’s “fixed deposit”, said Sarawak BN Backbenchers Club Chairman Abdullah Saidol.

He also told reporters in the state assembly here today that the Federal Government should not take lightly Sarawak’s efforts to pursue greater autonomy rights and devolution of powers.

“Any promise made by the federal ministers during the state elections should not be taken for granted.

“They should take it seriously,” he said, repeating his call made during his motion of thanks to Sarawak Governor Abdul Taib Mahmud’s opening speech.

“They should not assume that Sarawak will always be a ‘fixed deposit’ if promises are not kept or when our efforts to request various development funds do not get attention.”

Abdullah, who is Semop assemblyman, said he was acting on a directive by Chief Minister Adenan Satem that backbenchers should be truthful, as all state assemblymen, including the ones without a state government portfolio, are equally elected by the people.

“I am not against the government. I am just voicing out the real situation in the rural areas.

“As an elected representative in the government, the views from the ground should be taken seriously, more so than the views of non-BN elected representatives.”

Abdullah said he hoped more “solid and favourable news” would come from Putrajaya regarding rural development funds.

“Anything else can come later. Our desire is to see more development funds come in.

“If it doesn’t come in, I don’t mind saying that it may have some impact in the next parliamentary elections.

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