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New Mahathir's Party


Barisan Nasional “welcomes” the birth of another political party as it will weaken the Opposition further, says Rahman Dahlan.

“It’s a healthy democratic process. As far as BN is concerned, we are ready for any eventualities,” said the BN strategic communications director this evening.

“In fact, we believe the new coalition will only weaken the Opposition further and strengthen the chances of BN to win big in the next General Election.

“We will continue to rigorously fight for our principles and our struggle.”

Rahman said former Premier Mahathir Mohamad’s announcement of a new political coalition was not much of a surprise as Mahathir has been attacking BN “for many years now”.

“Maybe this is also because the faces we saw today at Tun’s (Mahathir’s) press conference in Putrajaya are largely made of those who are widely known to have personal tiffs with the current leadership.”

Rahman said that BN will tell the Malaysian public not to place their trust in a “rickety coalition, driven by a man whose singular objective is to topple the current PM by hook or by crook”.

“The coalition partners have no common agenda for Malaysia,” Rahman said.

“What they have is a ‘dangerous liaison’ based on their acute frustration and failure to capture the imagination of the rakyat.

“BN intends to checkmate them every step of the way.”

Mahathir today announced plans for a new party that would join an Opposition alliance in a bid to oust the ruling BN coalition, led by Prime Minister Najib Razak.

He was also coy when asked if former Umno leaders Muhyiddin Yassin, Mukhriz Mahathir and Shafie Apdal would join him in the new party, saying only that he was “very open” to the idea.

Mahathir had said he and his colleagues had yet to decide if the new party would represent the Malay-Muslim majority or eschew racial lines, and did not give a time frame for when the party will be formed.

Rahman said he regretted having to fight Mahathir, who he said should be spending his golden years as a statesman.

“Seriously, there is no fun or pleasure gained in fighting a nonagenarian,” he said.

“But since the gloves are off, BN will face anyone, anytime, anywhere for the future of this beloved country.”

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