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MIC Working Hard To Get Ics For 15,000 Indians

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KUALA LUMPUR : MIC is determined to resolve the matter of some 15,000 Indians who do not have identity cards by this year, said its president Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam.

Referring to the commitment given by the Prime Minister on Saturday at MIC’s 70th anniversary celebrations, Dr Subramaniam said the Government was determined to find a solution.

“This has given us greater confidence that this issue will be resolved,” he said at the 22nd Kalvi Yathirai event at Batu Caves where 30,000 students, their family members and the Hindu community sought blessings for the students yesterday.

Dr Subramaniam said MIC would liaise with the Home Ministry on the matter.

He said bureaucracy should be reduced because many had applied but were rejected because they could not fulfil the requirement for birth certificates, for example, those born in estates.

He said they did not have documents because the estates no longer existed and getting decades-old data from hospitals was not easy.

“So, there has to be a special policy where, if there were evidence that they had been there (in the estates), we will give it to them,” he said.

Asked when this could be resolved, he said he hoped it would be done by this year as the Prime Minister had given the policy endorsement on Saturday.

Dr Subramaniam had also proposed during the anniversary event on Saturday that the Government provide boarding schools for Indian students from poor and problematic backgrounds and the Prime Minister had accepted the idea.

Dr Subramaniam said many of them lived in areas where they were exposed to drug addicts and gangsterism and although they wanted to succeed, the bad influence was too overwhelming.

“To ensure they succeed, we have to remove them from the environment,” he said, adding that changing the environment was a longer-term objective.

He said this was MIC’s policy and he had told Deputy Education Minister Datuk P. Kamalanathan to start working on it.