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Norlela Questions Information Left Out By Guan Eng On Sg Lembu Illegal Factory

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GEORGE TOWN: Penanti assemblyman Dr Norlela Ariffin today questioned the state government on why it left out much information on the Sungai Lembu illegal factory.

In a Facebook posting, Norlela said her name was mentioned as if she had done wrong for questioning the DAP-led state government.

This was during the oral question sessions at the State Legislative Assembly sitting on May 2017, and at the District Action Meeting 2017, after receiving an 18-page petition signed by 168 residents of Sungai Lembu.

“An elected representative’s duty is to question on behalf of the people and I have raised all complaints for my constituents including one about a legal factory in Seberang Perai Tengah which the residents complained was emitting a foul odour,” she said in her post.

MACC and several other agencies raided the factory after numerous complaints from nearby residents on the pollution caused by the smoke fumes emitted from the 31 open sawdust burning pits at the site.

On Tuesday, the state government released a Seberang Perai Municipal Council’s (MPSP) meeting minutes dated May 6, 2015 in an effort to show that the state government had taken action against the illegal factory in Sungai Lembu.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was reported as saying that the meeting minutes was disclosed to show that state Environment committee chairman Phee Boon Poh had performed his duty as the executive councillor for the environment.

The minutes had revealed that the Department of Environment (DoE) had found no pollution at the factory, as it had barriers which prevented smoke and dust from escaping.

However, it also stated that DoE would only support the operation of the factory if it carried out the sawdust burning in an enclosed area using safety equipment.

Yesterday, in a press conference in Komtar Lim and Phee gave out the meeting minutes again stressing on DoE’s comments.

Norlela said she was present in the meeting two years ago.

“Ask everyone in the meeting whether I had condoned or fought and objected to the state executive councillor’s (Phee) request to give a three year extension to the illegal factory that has been operating for 10 years,” she said.

She said the meeting chairman, who was the MPSP secretary, had made the decision to compound and take the factory to court. This should have also been mentioned in the press conference.

“Why did they not show DoE’s letter signed by the director which was issued after investigation on the factory and sent to MPSP and me”

“Why did MPSP send a notice informing me that the factory would be demolished based on the letter by DoE even after the meeting?

“Why was the state DoE director not in the press conference today and yesterday to answer why DoE sealed up the factory if it was not dangerous and polluting the environment?,” she asked.