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Government Agencies Urged To Submit Financial Statements On Time

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KUALA LUMPUR - The incomes of 126 federal statutory bodies under 23 ministries have increased 6.9% to RM109.232bil, compared with RM102.169bil in 2015, said the Auditor-General’s Report 2016 (Series 2).

According to the report, RM90.63bil of this total was self-generated revenue, RM13.54bil in management grants and RM5.07bil in settlement of other grants.

It also said the Finance Ministry had the highest revenue at RM62.44bil, followed by the Higher Education Ministry with RM17.24bil, the Prime Minister’s Department with RM6.64bil and the Rural and Regional Development Ministry at RM6.33bil.

For the federal statutory bodies, the Employees Provident Fund registered the highest revenue at RM46.75bil, followed by the Retire­ment Fund Inc with RM7.64bil, Majlis Amanah Rakyat at RM4.68bil and Socso at RM4.47bil.

It said a total of 126 financial statements were given “Audit Certificate Without Reprimand”, 12 “Audit Report with Emphasis of Matters” and four getting “Audit Certificate With Reprimand”.

The report by the National Audit Department also said one financial statement was accorded “Opposing Opinion” and two were uncertified as of Sept 15, 2017, due to late submission and incomplete supporting documents.

The report proposed that the statutory bodies and other agencies ensure that the preparation of the financial statements is in line with enforced accounting standards.

For 2016, the report disclosed that some 78 agencies still adopted the Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standards, 22 agencies used the Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards/Financial Reporting Standards and 45 agencies used the Malaysian Public Sector Accounting Standards.

It said those with weak performances must take proactive action in improving income on their own and reduce dependency on the Government.



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