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AG Points Out Wrongdoing In Two Sports-related Projects

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KUALA LUMPUR - The completed work declaration for two projects under the Youth and Sports Ministry, valued at RM337,575 were signed before the completion of actual construction work, the Auditor-General’s Report revealed.

According to the 2016 Auditor-General’s Report (Series 2), tabled in the Dewan Rakyat, declarations were signed for two sports courts, one in Kg Medan and one in Kg Lubok Buntar, both in Kulim, Kedah, under the Projek Gelanggang Sukan.

The project in Kg Medan, which was awarded to Sedia Saing Enterprise on Sept 15, 2015, was valued at RM168,850.

The completed work declaration was signed on Dec 15, 2015, but the date of the certificate of practical completion (CPC) was released on Sept 14, 2016.

The report said that the completed work declaration was signed on Dec 13, 2015, but the CPC was issued on Sept 7, 2016.

“The declaration stated that the work given was completed and all the salaries for the workers of the project were fully paid although the contractors had not completed the construction work and the extension was granted between 69 days and 176 days,” it said, adding that any fake declaration was punishable under the Penal Code.

In response to this, the ministry, through the Kedah Youth and Sports Department, said it had sent a warning letter and reminders to the contractors on the fake declaration of completed work.

The report also revealed that a contractor for the construction of a futsal court in Kg Tundun, Semporna, was paid for undelivered supplies.

According to the report, the Sabah Youth and Sports Department also made a full payment for a claim that had previously been made (repeat payment).

“The claims included chairs and tables supplies worth RM15,750 that were not delivered in the first place.

“A repeat payment for building materials worth RM6,500 was also made to the contractor,” the report said.

The auditors also found the department paid RM31,040 for three projects to three different contractors for undelivered work on Dec 21, 2015.

In a response to the auditors, the ministry said its Sabah department had issued a letter dated Dec 28, 2015, to the contractors to complete the work.

“The Sabah Youth and Sports Ministry had admitted its mistake and told the contractors to finish their work,” it said.

The Youth and Sports Ministry will be one of the first ministries to be summoned by Public Accounts Committee (PAC) over issues surrounding its expenditures on sports venues.