Ahd, Sep

Liow: Chee Leong Will Be The Candidate For Kampar Parliamentary Seat


KAMPAR - MCA has named its vice-president Datuk Lee Chee Leong as its candidate for the Kampar parliamentary seat.

Party president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai gave a ringing endorsement to Lee, who, he said, never gave up on serving the Kampar community in the last five years.

Lee won the seat in 2008 but lost it in 2013.

“We need a leader like him, who is committed to serving and does his best to help, instead of giving excuses or shirking his responsibilities,” Liow said after attending a luncheon with over 90 non-governmental organisations here yesterday.

“Daniel may be a young fellow but he is full of energy and passion and has been working hard helping to develop new villages in Kampar.

“As for Gwo Chyang, everyone here knows the local boy. I trust that he understands the people’s needs here well,” he said.

Liow said MCA’s chances of winning were strong, judging from the encouraging response it received to the programmes and projects carried out by the candidates.

“Kampar would not have a future if it falls into the hands of the Opposition,” Liow said.

Kampar is currently held by Dr Ko Chung Sen, with Leong Cheok Keng and Chen Fook Chye being the incumbents for Malim Nawar and Keranji respectively. All are from DAP.

When approached, Lee said the most important thing was to do his best.

“As a candidate, it has become a bigger responsibility than ever to ensure that we can do right by the people. We will have to work harder to win their trust in GE14,” he said.

Speaking on another matter, Liow said the claim by a retired teacher, Datuk Raof Husin, who represented the Malaysian Association of Former Education Officers, to end federal scholarships for minority students to uplift Malay supremacy in the country “makes no sense at all”.

“It is irresponsible of any person to use the issue of education to try to divide the rakyat. I strongly condemn this.

“Everyone in our country deserves the right to an education ... this is an important fight for us.

“We would never allow for such a proposal to go through,” said Liow.