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Liow: MCA Serves All Malaysians


BENTONG - MCA will work together with other races and serve all Malaysians to protect the interest of the Chinese population it represents, said its president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

“Although MCA represents the Chinese community, we work together with other races, serve all Malaysians and this is very crucial,” he said when visiting his constituents at Dewan Serbaguna Taman Saga here yesterday, which happened to be MCA’s 69th anniversary,

Liow said MCA would be celebrating its anniversary only on March 3 at Wisma MCA.

He also said Malaysian Chinese must understand that MCA is a unique political party in that it enables the Chinese community in the country to preserve good Chinese education and culture.

“At the same time, (we are) working together with other races and religions to ensure harmony and progress,” he said, adding that very few countries have achieved such success.

“We need to instil the spirit of togetherness and inclusivity among the races. In fact, we need to institutionalise it so that it would not be affected by the dwindling percentage of the Chinese community.”

He attributed the party’s long-running success to its commitment to promote multiculturalism and inclusivity in the country.

“We want to renew our commitment to the Chinese community, and we want to bring them into the mainstream political, economic and cultural (scene).

“We don’t want to be disregarded. We want to bring the Chinese strength in the government so we can play a role in nation-building,” he said.

He urged the voters to continue to support MCA as it is in the government and can ensure that the voices of the Malaysian Chinese community are heard.



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