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NEW DELHI : An Air India plane with 160 passengers was forced to return to New Delhi almost 30 minutes into a Milan-bound flight after smoke was detected in the cabin Tuesday, the airline said.

"It was a precautionary landing after the cabin crew was alerted about minor smoke in the cabin almost half an hour after the plane left New Delhi airport on Tuesday afternoon," Air India spokesman G.P Rao told AFP.

"All 160 passengers are safe and have been transferred to another flight. The cause of the smoke in the grounded plane will now be investigated." 

It is not the first time that India's state carrier, which has not made a profit since 2007, has been in the news for the wrong reasons. 

Last month a London-bound flight with over 200 passengers was forced to return to Mumbai after three hours in the air over a suspected rat sighting in the cabin.  

Earlier last year a Milan-bound flight returned to Delhi over another suspected rat sighting. 



MANAGUA : Thirteen Costa Ricans died Saturday when a small ship carrying 32 tourists from Latin America, the United States and Britain sank off Nicaragua's Little Corn Island in the Caribbean, officials said.

Nicaraguan government spokeswoman and First Lady Rosario Murillo said that "of the 32 passengers, 13 lost their lives, all of them are Costa Rican."

She said the other passengers survived and were taken to nearby Big Corn Island.

"This is a big tragedy," she said.

"They were tourists

Kabul : TV Crew Killed By Car Bomb. There has been a car bomb attack in the centre of Kabul.

At least six people, thought to be employees of local TV news station, Tolo, have been killed.

At least 24 people, including women and children, were wounded in the bombing on Darulaman Road, which happened at the height of the evening rush hour.

“Police are working to identify the victims of today’s attack, but there was no military convoy in the area, they were all civilians”

said Interior

CHARSADDA : At least five people died in an armed assault on a university in Pakistan Wednesday, where witnesses reported two large blasts and security forces said gunmen were still on the loose.

The attack on the Bacha Khan university in Charsadda, about 50 kilometres (30 miles) from the city of Peshawar, is the latest to hit the militant-infested region.

Police, soldiers and special forces launched a ground and air operation at the university in a bid to shut down the assault, as television

GOOGLE is offering a new virtual reality tour of Buckingham Palace so you can be guided around the Queen's residence from the comfort of your home. 

The Royal Collection Trust, the charity which manages the historic building, has teamed up with Google Expeditions to take users on a free ‘virtual field trip’ of the palace from anywhere in the world, simply by using their smart phone, from today.

And while the Queen hasn’t had the chance to try out the experience for herself as she is still in

YALA : Four more people were shot dead in Pattani and Yala today believed to be linked to the armed conflict in southern Thailand provinces.

In the first incident in the district of Mayo, Pattani, a victim identified as Mat Kori Seng, 34, died after being shot on the head while returning home from performing the dawn prayers at a mosque nearby.

"The victim was shot in the head using a shotgun and died at the scene of the incident. Police found two spent shells and were still investigating the

JAKARTA : Indonesian President Joko Widodo is considering a regulation that would prohibit Indonesians from joining radical groups overseas, in an effort to prevent a deadlier attack than last week's militant assault on Jakarta.

At a meeting on Tuesday at the palace, top political and security officials agreed to review anti-terrorism laws, which currently allow Indonesians to freely return home after fighting with Islamic State in Syria.

Security forces fear that returning militants could

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