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Real Madrid want young Barça star Xavi Simons


BARCELONA : FIFA’s sanction has rocked Real Madrid. Not only is it impossible to sign players in the two transfer windows which follow the current one, but it’s damaged the club’s image. Now, Florentino Perez is looking for a way to strike back. One way he’s thinking of doing so is taking away one of Barcelona’s young stars…

Perez has got to work on one extremely quickly. SPORT have learned that Madrid have been in contact with Xavi Simons, who plays for the Infantil side, to try and sign him. Even though he’s young, Simons is one of the most well-known players in Barça’s academy. And he is not lacking in quality. Last year, for example, he was named the best Alevin player at the prestigious MIC Tournament. Just a few weeks ago, too, he was chosen as the best player at the Liga Promises, a competition which took place in Miami.

For now, the people close to the youngster remain calm. They are aware that at this age - he is not 13 until April - what is most important for Xavi is to continue growing and learning. For that, they are prioritising sporting offers rather than economic ones, but we already know that the second one is often the winner. 

Xavi Simons was born in Amsterdam in 2003. He is the son of Regilio Simons, who was a professional footballer in Holland and is a good friend of Patrick Kluivert. When Xavi was little, the Simons family moved to Alicante, where Barça would spot the player. He joined for the 2010-11 season and began in the Pre-Benjamin side. Since then he’s pushed through the categories, is always among the best players in his teams, and is now playing for Infantil B with Sergi Mila as his coach. 


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