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We, Too, Are Fed Up With Penang Government, Say Youths In Response To Viral Video


GEORGE TOWN - A viral video of an unidentified woman, lamenting how things have changed for the worse in Penang in recent years under DAP, has struck a chord with youths in the state.

Trader Muhammad Yusuf Abdul Ghani, 27, said the video accurately captured local sentiments that the state government had failed to deliver its promises to the people.

Accusing the government of paying lip service, he claimed the DAP-led administration had failed the resolve numerous issues despite helming the state for almost a decade.

“The state government failed to address the issue of affordable housing and is more interested in luxury housing projects, which will only profit the developers and the elites,” he said when met today.

Yusuf claimed there was a development gap between the island and the mainland, and that unscrupulous development had contributed to the recent severe floods.

In the three-minute, 16-second video, the woman questioned the credibility of Penang government and complained about the unaffordability of homes in the state, among others.

Yusuf said the situation in Penang was made worse following the controversial land swap deal to fund the feasibility studies of the undersea tunnel and three paired roads project here.

He claimed plans to reclaim land for the land swaps would negatively affect the incomes of local fishermen.

“Also, the state government failed to overcome the worsening traffic congestion. It also failed to fulfil its promise to abolish the Sungai Nyior toll in Butterworth,” he added.

Meanwhile, private sector employee S. Mathis, 22, claimed that the state government was making false promises to gain power and influence.

“The youths are not easily influenced by empty promises made by politicians. We want them to be sincere and prepared to serve the people.

“We are not easily fooled by anyone. Hence, the state government must be careful when they promise something,” he said.