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Careful When Disseminating Unauthenticated News - Najib


Prime Minister Najib Razak wants the people to be more careful when disseminating news, especially those received via social media and message applications.

Najib said unauthenticated news spread on social media would create a climate of fear among the people and damage the nation’s reputation in the eyes of the world. He said the implication would be huge, especially to the national economy.

“Recently, I have seen many spreading news about the explosion in Petaling Jaya, which we know now was not what actually took place.

“Things like this can be used as a lesson to all to be more careful in disseminating news, especially via the social media and message applications,” he said in his blog posting NajibRazak.com.

Najib said it was the duty of all to ensure any news received was authentic and accurate.

He said in terms of relations among Malaysians, the spreading of any unauthenticated news would lead to slander, which would result in disunity that would disrupt harmony that had been built over the years.

“Today, with technology at hand, it is very easy for anybody to spread information, but unfortunately many are not concerned with the authenticity of the information or news received and straightaway disseminate them.

“Let us be more responsible in using existing technology, and god willing, Malaysia will remain harmonious and in the care of Allah,” he said.

In the incident on December 21, six cars were razed after an individual threw a lighted Molotov cocktail into the backseat of one of the vehicles.

The incident was not caused by a bomb explosion that was spread on social media and went viral, causing panic among the people. – BERNAMA

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