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DAP An Opposition That Is All Smoke And No Fire

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Looking into the latest DAP Sarawak party election, it was obvious that the Chinese members had yet to willingly giving up certain key positions to the Bumiputeras though DAP Chong had in the past been boasting about DAP being multi racial and publicly proclaiming to have almost 50% of its members being Dayaks. And of course a handful of Malays with Abdul Aziz Isa being the most priced catch, looking into his claim of family background political weight.

Not long ago, YB Chong Chieng Jen, Sarawak DAP's chief is using a race-based politics that a Dayak must be the Chief Minister to honour the long forgotten unwrttten understanding. Such a move is to entice the Dayaks to support them. For the record, look at DAP's CEC election? Any Malay, Dayak being voted in? Against this background, who is pure racist DAP or BN? Since they have always maintained publicly that they are against race-based politics!!! Now look at what Chong Chieng Jen said as reported in numerous newspapers.

"You can call this enticement or political strategy. We are giving assurance that should Pakatan form the next state government, our choice of candidate for the next CM would be a Dayak. The deputy CM Tan Sri Alfred Jabu was not even considered as a potential candidate. This is blatant disdain disrespect towards the race,” he told a press conference after the party’s previous state committee meeting.

Chong Chieng Jen, who is also Kuching MP and Kota Sentosa assemblyman, reiterated his stance, thus the resolution to have a Dayak CM was passed in light of the current political development. But what you see in the wake of latest party election, they can't even get an Iban and other fellow Dayaks to head DAP in the state? Is a Dayak not good enough or simply not qualified? If the above resolution is the logical point adopted, why make them look like a second class members within DAP's party hierarchy? What a blardy hypocrisy?

Abdul Aziz Isa, a special assistant to Chong, is an anointed young boy from the local Malay community of late has been boastful about DAP multi racial standing and able to entice a dozen professional Dayaks felling short to explain that almost all are PKR divisional leaders, ordinary members and defeated candidates in the last PRN/PRU! Needless to say, this did not gone down well with the state PKR leadership. The rivalry between DAP and PKR over seats in the last state polls has developed into an open war of words. Both are eyeing the same rural seats and may take on each other in a number of seats. DAP has openly running down PKR state chief Baru Bian as lacking leadership in a number of occasion.

DAP launched the Impian Sarawak campaign as a stepping stone to improving the living standards of people in rural longhouses in Sarawak. Though the idea was good but the implementation was poor. DAP faced so many stumbling blocks in their quest, that it caused the Impian Sarawak movement to slow down tremendously. Some say the sour relationship between PKR’s Baru Bian in Sarawak and DAP had an adverse impact on Impian Sarawak. Others say that it was too much publicity over a small things. Either way, Impian Sarawak is another example of work half done and poorly done. Adenan equated their effort like a hen clucking loudly after laying an egg.

DAP loves to create a rupture in the minds of the local populace especially the urban Chinese. For instance, Oscar Ling, Sibu DAP MP is just plain hypocrite! Sibu DAP MP Oscar Ling simply refused to accept the government revelation on the higher GST revenue than the previous SST regime that will help to ease the certain section of the rakyat livelihood through the distribution of BRIM. Either YB Oscar is wrong in his calculation or just mere ignorance of other intangible benefits, he should not have gone into such argument at the first place. Maybe Oscar should have looked deep into the macro and micro economics aspects to be better prepared. Otherwise he need to go back to school to study some basic mathematics!

The snobbish behaviour of DAP has been undeviating since they gained political places with the support of PKR and PAS then. DAP want to conquer and ensure they are the dictating party in almost every decision. PAS was the clear victim of this high-handed tactics employed by DAP in all front in particular about the Hudud law.

In Sarawak, DAP chairman has been the staunch believer and loyalist in the Lim Kit Siang Lim Guan Eng, a father-son combo who on the surface preach fairness, equality and peace but inside in reality, a hypocritical duo of antagonists who will not hesitate to use religion, racism and dictatorial tactics just to attain and retain power.

DAP do not hesitate to stab their partners' back to save the day alone. They prefer to go solo if need be. In this case, PAS was thus made a victim. PKR Sarawak with headman, Baru Bian was even made like a fool! Pakatan Harapan is thus a none starter, looking dead right on arrival. With the liberal PAN in the picture, PAS had indeed become totally irrelevant in the state.

The state BN Youth chairman was right to analyse that despite winning so many more seats during the last state elections, what did they do? They also fought with their partners in PKR and PAS. DAP is forever fighting among themselves and their partners. And aside from just one or two lone voices in the state assembly, the rest of the DAP ADUNs have done nothing - neither speaking up in the state assembly nor serving the public who voted them.

It was shocking indeed that DAP would go on a personal attack against Adenan and suggest that “Adenan may seem to be a good leader for the time being, but all tyrants and corrupt leaders started as good leaders, along the way absolute power corrupted them" This is totally insane and obviously DAP has got nothing to offer but only playing through gutter politics right to the core.

With a charismatic Adenan having taking centre stage and gaining momentum with his policies, the urbanite Chinese reportedly steadily giving another thought to back Adenan. If they come back in droves, DAP is going to be left to where it first started. Looking into the above scenario, it greatly shows that the Opposition especially DAP is all smoke and no fire.